At Arete Family Medicine – Anchorage, our primary concern is your safety and health during the COVID-19 pandemic. After considering all of the available information, we have developed the following plan of action for AFM-A and our valued patients:

ALASKA COVID-19 HEALTH MANDATE: Based on the State of Alaska COVID-19 Health Mandate (03/17/20), we are screening patients prior to coming to our clinic to ensure they are not arriving within 14 days of travel or after possible exposure. Any patient who has traveled out of Alaska within the past 14 days will be seen by our providers via a telemedicine appointment. These patients will be allowed to schedule in-clinic appointments after completion of the 14-day self-monitoring period.

BUSINESS OPERATIONS: We will maintain a small team at the AFM-A office with normal business hours to handle any urgent care needs that require a person-to-person visit. We are screening all patients prior to an in-office visit.

TELEMEDICINE: We have updated our process so that when you contact our office we will arrange for you a scheduled video teleconference visit with one of our providers. We will assess your issue, direct a necessary workup and treatment, and determine whether we need to have you come into the office for a face-to-face visit.

ANNUAL EXAMS: We are doing annual exams on healthy patients who have not been exposed to the novel coronavirus.

We are all in this together and we are working to meet your health care needs. Please call us at (907) 777-1850 if you need further assistance. Thank you for doing your part to keep Alaskans healthy!

Dr. James Lord, Dr. Julie Robinson, Dr. Ray Robinson, Dr. Timothy Coalwell, Dr. Stacey Nieder, Dr. Lisbeth Berge, Tara Wood, PA and the AFM-A staff.